Whitewood Furniture
Whitewood Industries has long offered finishing solutions for its extensive line of Ready-to-Finish products. We are not only where beautiful furniture begins, but also where beautiful furniture comes to life. The various finish options shown below are available to you factory finished in single or two tone combinations. Choose any Whitewood Ready-to-Finish product, choose your finish, and we’ll do the rest!
WM02 Snow White
AG02 Aged Snow White
WM05 Moss
AG05 Aged Moss
WM07 Celery
AG07 Aged Celery
WM09 Periwinkle Blue
AG09 Aged Periwinkle Blue
WM12 Sea Mist
AG12 Aged Sea Mist
WM16 Canary
AG16 Aged Canary
WM18 Khaki
AG18 Aged Khaki
WM24 Driftwood
AG24 Aged Driftwood
WM30 Black Onyx
AG30 Aged Black Onyx
WM41 Bleached White
AG41 Aged Bleached White
WM50 Claystone
AG50 Aged Claystone
WM51 Smoke
AG51 Aged Smoke
WM52 Celeste Navy
AG52 Aged Celeste Navy
WM53 Red Cherry
AG53 Aged Red Cherry
WM58 Coral WM87 Bark
AG87 Aged Bark